Bond Express Website

Bond Express – Website

Our latest sales channel is right here! Our website. Launched in late 2017 we worked hard to increase our sales even further. With good Google Rankings and an excellent service, our website is becoming the Go-To place for car LED lighting.

All of our orders go through the same shipping system as our Amazon & eBay sales meaning we can offer a very fast and effective service.

Amazon Store

After a successful first year on eBay we decided to expand our business away from just the eBay market, we now also operate on Amazon which is great for those not looking for us on eBay.

We have big plans for our Amazon sales channel, including FBA & Amazon Prime services meaning you will get your orders even sooner!

Keep your eyes open for our products appearing on Amazon over the coming months.

eBay Store

Bond Express Limited started out as an eBay based business selling LED lighting at affordable pricing. It has since grown to Amazon and this website where we offer a wide range of performance car products such as LED lighting, dump valves, steering wheel boss kits and much more.

We still run our eBay business to date with over 10,000 sales and rising.