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2 x BA9S – Non Polarity


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4 in stock

Product Description

These BA9s fitment LED bulbs are very high quality, and most importantly not polarity specific. Some car interiors have wiring back to front, e.g. the positive and negative wires are the wrong way around. This meaning a lot of BA9s LED bulbs do not work as they are polarity specific. These bulbs have been designed to work regardless of the way the positive and negative wires are.

All bulbs are 100% Brand New with superior quality, manufactured by the Latest Technology (Genuine High-Quality SMD LEDs and SMT Module)

Life Span: 50000 hours in average

Color :
White (6000K)

What you will receive:
2 x Bright White SMD LED Side BA9s bulbs


All the LED’s are plug-and-play – no modification required – just swap out the bulbs
All LED’s are brand new high quality, Super Bright
Bright white – Give your car a new look over stock bulbs
Lower temperature vs standard OEM bulbs. Lower power consumption
Long Life – LED’s last far longer than standard incandescent bulbs
With built-in CAN-bus load resistors, specially designed for European vehicles
This kit is high quality SMD Leds. they have a higher light output and are far more efficient

If you would like to return your item, please make sure the item is un-opened and un-used. If any of your bulbs are faulty, please make us aware within 7 days and we will offer replacements. We ask that you hold on to faulty bulbs as I may cover the cost of return shipping so I can inspect the bulb and understand what went wrong. I only want to offer the highest quality

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